My name is Zarudana Ramirez, I am coffee drinker from Costa Rica, where people are well educated in the coffee culture and like any coffee drinker, I regularly drink the best variety of coffees in the world, where you can experience different roasting choices and taste a variety of quality coffees by experimenting with coffees from unique plants, different altitudes, different processing and roasting.

I travel out of the country very often, I have been to Europe, other Central American countries but I mostly travel to the United States; when traveling, I want a good tasting quality coffee, but this is very hard to find. I use online guides to find comfortable, nice and pleasant coffee shops, with good online rating, however, they promote coffees that they actually don’t know about when I asked them questions like… from what country this coffee comes from, how is the coffee processed, who roasts those coffee green-beans and in what grade, among other simple questions that the employees or the owners cannot answer, other than the disappointing fact that the flavor of the same ordered coffee doesn’t remain the same if you order them days later.

Most of the coffees that I drink while visiting other countries, I have to add creamer and sugar in order for it to havel a better taste. It is known that a good quality coffee doesn’t need to be added flavor enhancers, should be served black, so one can better experience its variety of properties, including its bitterness, acidity, sourness saltiness or sweetness, then experience the satisfying scents, feel the aromas and taste a variety of flavors like its flowery, smoky, herby and nutty tastes among others. 

My mission is to provide a large variety of the best specialty coffee from Costa Rica, from dedicated planters and shipped directly to consumers at the best price and to any location in the world.  We try to bring the best quality coffee from our plantations directly to you with the most careful managing and shipping process using the most advanced technology so that every coffee cup you taste, becomes a fresh and pleasant experience like you deserve.