Costa Rica has one of the finest coffees in the world. As a proud Costa Rican, I am honored by this heritage and of my fellow citizens who produce our coffee beans. The national shield, which is one of the most emblematic symbols of our country, has coffee engraved as a golden bean in the frame. This is evidence of the importance of coffee to the economy and the daily lives of Costa Ricans.

From childhood, every Costa Rican learns about the importance of coffee, which inspires in us a sense of pride in delivering to the world a product that represents the richness found in our country.

Coffee from Costa Rica is special due to the variety of altitudes, climate, humidity, and soil composition found in each region. There are eight distinctive coffee regions in Costa Rica, namely Guanacaste, Western Valley (Valle Occidental), Central Valley (Valle Central), Three Rivers (Tres Ríos), Tarrazu (Los Santos), Turrialba, Orosi, and Brunca. Each of these regions has its unique combination of conditions that contribute to the rich flavor of their coffee.

In the upcoming weeks, I am excited to share with you more about those regions, producers, the variety of coffee plants, and harvest seasons that make each region unique. I hope that this information will be useful in your coffee-buying experience.

Stay tuned,

David Ramirez
Product Manager
Costa Rica