A small family with big dreams; this might be a short sentence to describe the Jimenez family from Finca El Boyerito.

Originally from the mountains of Arancibia, Puntarenas, zone with a privileged climate and fertile lands, for many years the Jimenez family has dedicated themselves to agriculture and livestock. They are a family that has always earned its living from the fruit of its land. 

Don Roberto, tells how as a child he and his brothers went to “tapar” beans or “chapiar” (cut the grass) one of the farms, which was so far from home that when they went to do these tasks they had to stay in a “rancha” (makeshift ranch) until they finished.

It is very common in Costa Rica to see dozens of farming families at fairs bringing their products to market them, and that’s how the Jimenez family started project, tomato was one of the products they planted for several years. After some drops in the price of tomato, as every head of household, Don Roberto started with the coffee project locally, without imagining that his coffee would one day be exported to other continents.

Seeing the three of them working towards that dream of delivering excellent coffees and promoting the growth of their town is very inspiring, it is through examples like these that we learn that any obstacle can be overcome with effort and work.

We are very pleased to represent not just a café, but a family with big dreams.