Last month, we had the privilege to have our sales representative in Texas, Llyas Salahud-din visit Costa Rica, where he had the opportunity to tour one of the best coffee farms in Naranjo Costa Rica, dedicated to harvesting the finest coffee varieties like Geisha, SL28, Tipica and Milenio.  Here is a photo of Llyas with Max Salazar, the owner of La Isabela Coffee Farm. 

Like other countries, COVID-19 continues to effect Costa Rica.  Despite the pandemic, we are fortunate that La Isabela micro coffee lots are still operating and nourishing all coffee plants.    

Coffee micro lots are small batches of coffee that are processing in different ways than just a simple washed. They are meticulously selected, and  some of them are dried in complete fruit, and some have the shell removed to keep some of the sticky-sweet of the fruit. Others rest in water before being dried. 

Llyas enjoyed his time meeting Max, and he mentioned that:

“La Isabela Coffee Farm is not just beautiful, but, you can see the pride and dedication that they put into the farm. They truly love every coffee plant like their pet, and I am looking forward to importing their harvest to Austin, Texas in May 2022.” 

David Ramirez

Product Manager DN Coffee Importers