With more than 20 years of producing coffee, it is already the third generation of the Salazar family, who is now the head of this beautiful farm that carries out its work at more than 1,600 meters above sea level. Located in the llano bonito of Naranjo, with 6 hectares of coffee cultivation.

La Isabella Estate is a small farm that is only 9ha in size, which is located in a micro region called Dulce Nombre. This farm is also a sister farm to La Pacifica Estate. The farms are located less than 1km apart from each other. These two farms La Pacifica and La Isabella used to be owned by two sisters whose last name was Malavassi. The Malavassi sisters sold the farms to the Mr. Claudio Castro, the current owner, in the early 1980’s. 

The current owners of the estate, the Castro family, have been producing coffees for more than 120 years. Mr. Teodosio Castro Angarita, a young entrepreneurial Colombian, bought his first coffee estate in the Tres Rios region on May 23, 1888. Today the business is run by Mr. Claudio Castro, a 3rd generation member of the Castro family.